Politicans can't tolerate ANYONE learning what REALLY happens.

Behind the Curtain, EVERYTHING is pay-to-play.

 Why are never-ending applications of herbicides and pesticides killing everything in rural Montana?  In a nearby town, city fathers spray their whole town, including  kids playing outside, with airborne carcinogenic pesticides.

 Now, we have no more birds, fish, or even pollinating bees and insects.

 Everything is dead, Monsanto(tm) is rich, and corruptible local politicians quickly become so themselves.

 If county commissioners' tiny worlds are devoid of pain-in-the-ass reporters, everything is copasetic.

 However, with Monsanto's(tm) toxic assaults forcing bees and insects into extinction, there's no pollination.  Without pollination and with cancer, we die. 

That's pay-to-play in a nutshell.

 Now that Corporations are Alive, the United States will never see a free election. 

Voters make no difference in Supreme Scalia's Brave New World.

 It's ALL pay-to-play for Every "public" decision.  What's good for Geneeral Motors  is what's good for the Country.  The notion of  

"Dedicated Public Servant" lives only in his/herstory books.

 If politicians can't handle responsibilities of governing and ensuing  public exposure, they must resign.  Corrupt, inaccessible, and unaccountable  leeches are unfit as Public Servants.  Arrogant dishonest and vain politicians and their goons, bullies, and S.W.A.T. Teams belong behind bars , if they EVER attempt dictatation and anti-Constitutional harassment and imprisonment of journalists.