Dozens of Local, Regional, Federal, and International Agencies Now Monitor Our Every Move and Intercept EVERY Communication.  From Aggressive Bullies (SWATs), Drones and Computer Technicians throughout ALL Living Corporations and the ENTIRE Living Corporations' Military Machine; our every move, phone call, letter purchase, friend, enemy, travel patterns, personal belief, religious or spiritual belief are unConstitutionally and Criminally Tracked, Trapped, Recorded, Indexed, and Stored in "Security Complexes" larger than dozens of football fields.

          No Independent Thought is Allowed.  The Courageous Few that Demonstrate Independent Thought (African-American Athletes, Whistle-Blowers, Creative Artists, for example) are Black-Balled, just as in the Truman-Nixon-McCarthy era of the late 1940s and 1950s.           

           However, Independent Thought moves people toward highly-ethical behavior (Daniel Ellsberg, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Judy Bari, Karen Silkwood, Fred HamptonRachel Corey, and ALL WHISTLE-BLOWERS (in Military, Surveillance, and Living Corporations), Michael Hastings and ALL Investigative Reporters; who are Pursued, Harassed, Black-Balled, Imprisoned, Tortured, "Disappeared" and/or "Terminated." 

          NO Peacefull Non-Violent Assembly, as guaranteed by the former U.S. Constitution will be Tolerated. 

          Militarist "plants" immediately break away, throw rocks through windows (for GREAT easy and quick media visuals).  The minute their own hired-mercenary-"militants" break a window; the many, many Storm Trooper "Peacekeepers" declare a "RIOT!@."  Peaceful assemblers will be attacked, clubbed, sprayed with mace, run over by horses, have the living crap beaten out of them by SWATs, Storm Troopers, National Guard, even private mercenary armies and, after they are beaten senseless, hauled off for Imprisonment, Torture, Deported, and/or "Disappeared."




          The United States have elevated domestic oppression and "Black Ops" far beyond former East Germany's "STASI," ; Shah of Iran's "SAVAK,"; 

Nazi Germany's Gestapo and Waffen-SS War Criminals imported by the U.S. to build the CIA  and NSA; Spain's, South Korea's, Phillipines', Nicaragua's, and Chile's Fascists; Mossad; MI6; ASIS; Khmer Rouge; COMANF; DGFIRAW; MSS; KGB;

DGSE; CoIntelPro, a specialized F.B.I. assassinations unit; and many other Worldwide Terrorist Organizations, many-to-most Created, Trained, and Funded by the School of the Americas and WHINSEC. 

(All underlined acronyms above are hyper-linked).

The Following U.S. Agencies Make You "SECURE" by Downloading, Indexing, and Storing Every Bit of Information You Generate Through Every Medium (Telephone, Letters, E-mail, Credit Cards' Purchases, Tracking License Plate Numbers, Establishing Travel Patterns, Groups You Support, Groups of Which You are a Member, Building Your Daily Calendar, Running Your Bank Accounts, and Monitoring ALL Your Associates, be They Formal, Informal, Personal, Business, and--ESPECIALLY--Religious:

The Living Corporations' U.S. Military Machine Has ALL United States' Citizens Sussed.

At Any Moment, Black Ops "Courts" Will Greenlight  SWATs Breaking Down Your Door, Injecting You with Toxins, Kidnapping You, and Throwing Your Ass into Prison "FOR LIFE." 


SWATs Strongly Believe Everybody but Them Belong in Prison.  If You're Not as Pink as They, Count on Sudden Attacks, Beatings, Shootings

(if You're Obviously REALLY Not Pink), Imprisonment and Torture.

SWATs Attacked this Editor (50 Years' Respected Journalist and Editor; Member, House of Representatives; ENTIRE Rap Sheet-One Well-Deserved Speeding Ticket in 1975 ), Mute, Just Learning to Walk Again, and Healing from

12 Head and Brain Surgeries. 

With NO Arraignment, NO Warrant and NO Paperwork, the SWATs and their unaccountable anonymous Black Ops "Court"

(I still don't know where this "Court" is/was) 

Stuck this Editor into the Hole. 


The Black Ops "Court" and its SWAT "Enforcers" TOTALLY "DISAPPEARED" me, a la the CIA's Central American Modus Operandi.

  None of My Friends Knew

What Happened or Where I Was. 


 It Happened to This Congenial, Respectful, Law-Abiding Investigative Reporter and Editor, Elected Public Official, Rep. Paul Thomas Richards. 

 It Can/Will Happen to Anyone.

This is FOR REAL, Friends.

Do You Feel More "SECURE?"  





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